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Francis K. of MT Played the Ponies and Won $35K Playing Derby Dollars

Francis K. crossed the finish line yesterday with a victorious $35K win.

The Kentucky Derby may be over but that didn’t stop Francis K. of MT from racking up the cash playing Derby Dollars online slot machine – making Franacis our top winner for the day.

While Francis stuck to one of his favorite slot machines, Justin G. of NC tried his luck at a couple of trusty favorites including Funky Monkey and Lion’s Lair slots where he won a combined total of $35,190 – securing him the second place spot.

Congratulations to Francis and Justin who reached superstar status at Bodog Casino yesterday and walked away with a nice chunk of change.

Other Bodog Casino winners from yesterday included:

Sean. S of IL won $8,600 in Blackjack.
Jim. P of NC won $6,825 in Jacks or Better.
Brandon. L of won AB $5,667 in Craps.
Kathryn. A of TX won $5,529 in Witches and Wizards.
Gregory. F of TX won $5,137 in Blackjack.
Katheryn. S of KS won $5,100 in Double Double Bonus

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