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Palms Casino Resort Introduces New Fantasy Blackjack App For Iphone

Get Your Friends Together, It's Time for A Fantasy Blackjack League. (AP Images)
A blackjack app that comes straight from the experts at Palms Casino? That’s right, the Palms Casino and Resort has created the Fantasy Blackjack application which you can add to your latest version of the iPhone or iPad and allows users to create leagues and add friends to make it more of a social experience.

The application is original in the sense that blackjack players normally play solo and don’t necessarily count on being part of a league but that is where Palms Fantasy Blackjack app is different. If you’ve ever played on an online fantasy league then you’ll know that creating a league and adding the right players is important with the added bonus of setting your own rules.

"While most blackjack app games are one-dimensional and played alone, we ... created a socially interactive experience around a casino game," said Jason Gastwirth, chief marketing officer with the Palms  reported the LVRJ.

The object of Fantasy Blackjack is to acquire the most blackjack dollars from your league members and your totals are then evaluated at the end of the season to help find the player with the most virtual cash which in turn is the grand winner.

The app is very social in nature and allows players to add new members easily via social networks such as Facebook, keep track of reports, buy fantasy credits, keep track of leader boards and even gives users the option to offer to deal during a round by placing a special offer.

It’s a new spin on standard blackjack apps which allows the player to play solo and if I ever get around to getting an iPhone I just may add it. You can download straight from the Palms Casino website of via the iPhone App Store.

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