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Teen Celebrates Birthday With $1 Million Lottery Win

Canadian Teen Gets Best Birthday Present Ever. (AP Images)
If you could think of the best possible way to celebrate your 18th birthday, what would that be? How about winning $1 million? That’s exactly what happened to Taylor Witzke of Winnipeg, Canada who won a whole lotta cash after buying a few lottery tickets and scratch cards the day after her birthday.

According to Tyler, she decided to buy a few lottery and Scratch ”˜n Win tickets the day after her birthday. “I scratched a Blackjack ticket and won nothing, then picked up the Set For Life ticket and I saw three Set For Life symbols, but thought, no, you must need four. Of course her initial response was that there must be a catch or a mistake but after reading the back of the ticket she quickly found out that she had won the grand prize of $1 million.

According to the Toronto Sun, she was “ecstatic and unbelieving at the same time!”

So what does an 18-year-old do with $1 million? According to Witzke, she’s going to do a lot of traveling before she continues her studies as well as buy her mom a new car. “I’m buying my mom a Camaro.” Aww nice!

Camaro? Do they still make those? Well anyway, I suppose lottery miracles do happen. I mean we produce   casino winners at Bodog just about every day so the truth is that it can happen.

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