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Teenager Wins Slot Jackpot Despite Being Underage

A 16-year-old girl won a $100,000 jackpot at a Macau casino, and is allowed to keep the cash.


The Las Vegas Sands must pay the $100,000-winning teenager because of a loophole. Macau's gaming laws ban anyone under 18 from entering a casino, but the laws do not specify a minimum age for gambling once inside.

The young girl, whose name has not been released, was given $12 by her grandmother as a Lunar New Year present to play on some slot machines. The teenager went to the Sands Casino with her mother and grandmother and put the entire amount in a machine. When she hit the jackpot, Sands staff refused to pay her out once they learned she was underage.

However, the territory's gaming authority has ruled that the Las Vegas Sands must pay the teenager from Hong Kong her winnings. "We have decided that the money must be paid, not to the child, but to her mother," Gambling Authority Director Manuel Joaquim das Neves told the South China Morning Post.

Although she will be paid, the girl's mother has been banned from all Macau's casinos as punishment for bringing a minor into a casino.

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