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Scarlett Johansson Hates Blake Lively

Since Scarlett Johansson's ex husband, Ryan Reynolds moved on with Blake Livley, a jilted Johannson has reportedly been having trouble picking up the pieces. However, if we all recall correctly, Johannson was the one who pulled the plug on her two-year mariiage to Reynolds, but she's now having "plug pulling" remorse. 
The actress is fuming that Reynolds and Lively are now living happily ever after, while she's alone. 
"Scarlett is pissed that he's not under her spell anymore. She realized what a great catch Ryan was," a source told Us Weekly.
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Shortly after their split, Johansson was Sean Penn's date at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding in Ojai, California and before that, Penn, 50, and Scarlett, 26, were also captured being overly affectionate during a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico which already had many guessing as to the nature of their relationship.
The souce noted that Scarlett's immediate affair with Penn was the tipping point.
"Ryan would have gotten back together with her. He was so totally in love, but then she flaunted Sean [Penn] right after their split, and he was done."
Since her romance with Penn fizzled, Scarlett is left to cry in her cheerios, while her 29 unfed cats meander around her swollen ankles, poor girl.