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Don Lapre's Mother Blames Jail for Suicide

Don Lapre's mother is claiming the prison took away her son's anti-depressants.

Shirley Cleveland, the mother of King of Infomercials, the late Don Lapre who died while awaiting trial on 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, and promotional money laundering related to his Internet businesses, especially involving a product called "The Greatest Vitamin in the World," and was accused of defrauding more than 220,000 victims out of nearly $52 million by selling worthless Internet companies, is accusing the prison system of causing her son's suicide.

When Lapre was arrested in a Tempe, Arizona fitness center, where he had reportedly lived for two days, he had incurred serious self-inflicted knife wounds, which led authorities to believe Lapre had attempted suicide by trying to sever the femoral artery in his legs.

Cleveland, says that before he was jailed, Lapre was being treated for severe depression and was on anti-depressant medication, but after he was arrested, jail officials took his meds away.

Cleveland says she called his lawyer and begged the courts to give his medications back, but the jail gave him another medicine that did little to treat his depression.

Sadly, Lapre was found dead in his cell. He had cut his own throat with a razor blade. Moreover, Cleveland insists that Lapre is innocent of fraud.