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Gillian Anderson Admits to Sexual Tension with Bill Clinton

The sexual tension between Mulder and Scully is now between Scully and Bill Clinton. (Fox Image)"]

Gillian Anderson, otherwise known as Agent Dana Scully in the X-Files 2 flick, is opening up about the sizzling chemistry she feels not for the strapping Agent Fox Mulder, but for the red-nosed ladies' man himself, Bill Clinton.

Apparently, Anderson and Clinton shared an intimate handshake and since the introduction, Anderson hasn't been able to get the ex-Prez out of her head.

"We all, mostly women, lined up. And when he gets to you, he takes your hand and makes eye contact. After he leaves and he moves on to the next person, he looks back at you and seals the deal," Anderson told the press.

So sure he was feeling the same electricity, Anderson admitted that when she got home, she expected to have a message from Clinton on her answering machine.

"When I got home, I expected to have a message from him, and I didn't. I bet women across America expect it too," she said.

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