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Lindsay Lohan Designs Leggings with Knee Pads

Lindsay Lohan has designed a new line of leggings, some of which come with built-in knee pads. (AP Images)"]

Ladies, do you find yourself constantly on your knees? Well, turn that frown upside-down. Lindsay Lohan has come up with a line of leggings that will cater to the entrepreneurial woman who finds that life on her knees can cause unsightly bruising.

Now with Lindsay's not so virtuous reputation, you would think that leggings with built-in knee pads was some kind of joke. But seriously, her leggings really have knee pads. These are actually them pictured below. Your Bodog Beat editors are both shocked and aroused. What an invention!
Lindsay Lohan's Leggings
So guys, if your date is sporting a pair of these puppies -- Borat would give you the thumbs up. Varry nice-a!

Last time we checked, leggings are made out of cotton, right? Lohan is pricing her leggings from $99 to $132. Is a "date" with the whore wearing them included?