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Mindy McCready in 'Baseball Mistress' Sex Tape

The sexy bombshell in the mugshot above, Mindy McCready, has a sex tape. (AP Images)"]
Troubled country singer Mindy McCready is getting all kinds of attention today - and no, she wasn't arrested again. McCready is starring in a sex tape with her ex named "Peter" that will be released  by Vivid Entertainment - the same people behind Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian's sex tapes.

The film, titled Baseball Mistress  because of her past affair  with married MLB pitcher Roger Clemens, is not just full of sex. It is being reported that in the tape, McCready opens  up with a plethora of graphic details  she's had with  well-known celebrities, including Dean Cain, who she says is better in bed than Clemens. Despite reports to the contrary, McCready also  claims that she was legal when she had the affair with Clemens. She also claims that Oprah is racist.

Back in 2007, McCready was arrested on misdemeanor charges of domestic battery and resisting arrest during a fight with her mother. McCready was then taken to jail, where deputies insist she acted so disruptive they were forced to use pepper spray to control her. In July of 2008, McCready called her mother after mixing booze and pills and collapsed while she was on the phone. For those of you into this sorta thing, Baseball Mistress is slated to go on sale on on April 19.