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Whatever Happened to Brady Bunch Star Christopher Knight AKA Peter Brady?

Where is Carol Brady when you need her the most.(Wikipedia Commons)
In case you’ve been wondering what happened to Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight – better known as middle child Peter Brady – he’s making headlines these days after breaking up with former America’s Next Top Model winner and wife  Adrianne Curry. Peter Brady is pulling top models these days? Who knew.

The couple was married for five years after having met during the VH1 reality television series The Surreal Life (2005,) where old-school TV stars attempt to relive their glory days by living together in a Hollywood Hills mansion and taking part in all kinds of challenges and silly activities.

The success of their chemistry on The Surreal Life led to VH1’s next creation, My Fair Brady where Knight and Curry shared a life together in Los Angeles as a loving couple. The show ran from 2005-2008 and followed a similar formula to Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey’s experience but with a little less star power.

After years of reality TV heaven, the couple broke news this week announcing the end of their five-year relationship which sounds like a good run for a couple who lived their life in the spotlight and according to People Magazine, their manager released a statement highlighting that the couple are separating due to “irreconcilable differences.”

So there you go, that makes divorce number three for 57-year-old "Peter Brady" who may or may not be giving up on the reality television scene but even if he does, the guy is a successful tech investor and businessman and has been for years. It looks like he put his Brady Bunch fame to good use!

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