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Kentucky Derby Hat Fashion

Want to look as cool as this guy at the track? You might want to start warming up the old glue gun. (AP Images)

An American tradition, not just a sporting event, the Kentucky Derby is full of rituals. The Run for the Roses is known for mint juleps, the University of Louisville marching band's rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home," and hats that are typically flamboyant, gaudy and at times, downright stupid.

Not going to be at Churchill Downs this year? Never fear. The Bodog Beat has consulted our top Kentucky Derby experts (see: ourselves) for those of you who really want to show off, but don't want to fly to Kentucky to do it. We recommend throwing your own Kentucky Derby party and make everyone who comes wear a really dumb hat. It's like the ugly sweater party, but for your head. C'mon, it'll be fun.

Kentucky Derby Hat Party Tips

  • Make creative invitations that include Kentucky Derby history and betting information
  • Start your derby party 2-3 hours before the race
  • Have a hat contest with prizes for Win, Place, and Show (ugliest hats win)
  • If you don't have one already, try and get your paws on a big screen TV
  • Be sure your guests are armed with their Kentucky Derby picks
  • Get wasted on mint juleps

Be sure you placed your Kentucky Derby bets before you start the festivities!