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Make Way for Mucho Macho Man

Mucho Macho Man has plenty to prove at the 2011 Belmont Stakes. (AP Images)

Aside from the somewhat dubious name, Mucho Macho Man has proven to be a solid Triple Crown contender. Although he didn’t win the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness Stakes, he did perform well enough to rate a trip to the Belmont.

For an idea of Mucho Macho Man’s capabilities and chances in the Belmont let’s review his past two Triple Crown performances.

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Kentucky Derby
The Kentucky Derby was Mucho Macho Man’s best Triple Crown race so far. He ran a very good race finishing third and was only just beaten by Nehro for second place. Although the pace of the race was relatively slow he showed the ability to run in traffic, find openings, and finish strong.

Preakness Stakes
It was a disappointing Triple Crown sophomore effort with Mucho Macho Man finishing sixth. There was a very good potential explanation however as the horse lost one of his shoes right out of the gate. Regardless he ran gamely the rest of the distance and luckily suffered no ill effects.

Belmont Prospects
Ultimately Mucho Macho Man will be a tough horse to handicap due to the fact it is hard to judge his Preakness performance. If he hadn’t lost a shoe and run well then one could probably put him in the top four. Had his Preakness performance been poor then it could be pretty straightforward to make him a longshot.

At the end of the day it will be interesting to see which horse shows up. With a solid but unspectacular pedigree and a compromised Preakness performance his true potential remains unknown. At about 10-1 in most handicappers books Mucho Macho Man may very well be worth a shot however.