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Bodog Poker Pro Evelyn Ng Reveals Her Top Ten Favorite Poker Hands

Do you think Bodog Poker pro Evelyn Ng is holding one of her ten favorite poker hands in this photo? (Bodog Beat Image)"]

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a seasoned poker pro when they look down at their hand at a table? What do they look for? What hands will make them reach for their chip stack and see a flop?

Well, in the ongoing poker strategy series over at Bodog Poker, Evelyn Ng breaks down her top ten all-time favorite poker hands with a little explanation on why they are her favorites and how she would play them and the strategy that goes along with each.

Our guess is that you could probably figure out maybe one through five ... but then what? And why? To find out what they are check out Evelyn Ng's 10 Favorite Poker Hands over at Bodog Poker.