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How to Improve Your Online Poker Player Rankings

If you want to improve your online poker rankings, and climb up the leaderboards, you’ll have to increase the amount of action that you play. (Bodog Beat Image)"]

If you take the time to look at how many multi-table tournaments the top players play, you’ll be surprised at the level of action they are involved in. These players will play numerous tournaments at the same time, all day long.

This much action, all at once on a consistent basis, requires a good-size bankroll to fund. The amount of action you can handle depends on how much money you have. So the way to increase your action is to play more when you win more.

Grow the amount of the action you play with the size of the bankroll you have. The practice will make you better, and you’ll eventually have enough success to see your results in the player ranking standings. Get your online poker action in the Bodog poker room.