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WSOP 2011: Final Three To Play This Afternoon With Technology In Their Corner

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It all goes down today, and the three finishers that are going to be sitting down at the 2011 World Series of Poker* final table are going to have an unprecedented amount of information on one another thanks to video coverage of the final table's play, giving them a chance to review and re-examine not only their opponents' play, but their own.

"It’s a whole different form of poker. I have a whole team working to get me information and it’s a completely different situation," Ben Lamb told the Associated Press.

Gambling regulators in Vegas are allowing American cable sports network ESPN to broadcast the action nearly live, with players’ cards shown on a 15-minute delay. Before the changes, players had to wait months to find out what their opponents had, as play shown on TV was significantly truncated to only certain hands.

Thanks to the coverage, several of the nine finalists were seen getting up and talking to poker-playing friends during Sunday's session, walking over to the rail and getting a gander at their iPads and phones.

With $8.72m on the line for the top spot, players are using every advantage they can get in the showdown, and nobody can blame them. 22-year-old chip leader Pius Heinz of Germany, 26-year-old Ben Lamb of Las Vegas and 35-year-old Martin Staszko of the Czech Republic each represent a different style of play and it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

We'll have a rundown on who one what and how tomorrow! In the meantime, of course, you can play online poker at Bodog today!

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