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NHL Betting: Ducks Fire Carlyle, Hire Boudreau

Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks (Flickr Creative Commons)

Everybody knows things are going rather poorly with the Anaheim Ducks, but a 4-1 win over Montreal on Wednesday ought to have given at least a moment of peace, right? Wrong. After the game, the Ducks fired head coach Randy Carlyle and replaced him with Bruce Boudreau, who was relieved of his head coaching duties in Washington just two days earlier.
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Despite the team’s lack of overall success this season, this decision comes at an awkward time. The Ducks have made a clear effort to be financially responsible in recent seasons. GM Bob Murray gave Carlyle a three-year contract extension this past summer, and they’ll still be on the hook for that, at least until Carlyle finds another job.
However, it’s the speed at which Murray made the switch to Boudreau that’s surprising, as you’d have to think that unless he knew before Monday that Boudreau was going to get axed, he probably didn’t have talks with the former Washington head coach about coming in to Anaheim.
Still, while the Ducks are on the hook for Carlyle’s contract, it’s probably better that they made the decision now rather than later. The team is currently 14th in the Western Conference and 29th in the league, but there’s plenty of talent in Anaheim, and plenty of time for them to get it together and turn the season around.
Anaheim’s next game is this Friday against the Flyers, where Boudreau will make his debut behind the bench with the team. Unfortunately, the Ducks won’t face the Capitals again this season, unless they meet in the Stanley Cup Final. 
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