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Super Bowl History - Top Five Blowouts

Every day leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, we're going to give you a daily countdown of Super Bowl history to get you ready for the Colts-Bears showdown.

Yesterday, it was the Top Five Perfomances. Today we'll outline the Top Five Blowouts:


5. Super Bowl XXXVII - 2003: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4) over Oakland Raiders, 48-21

In the classic debate of what wins championships, offense or defense, defense came away the decisive victor. The Raiders were blessed with two hall-of-fame receivers, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown, and the 2003 MVP Rich Gannon, but it wasn't nearly enough. The Bucs D forced five interceptions three of which were returned for TDs en route to a 48-21 blowout.


4. Super Bowl XXII - 1988: Washington Redskins (+3) over Denver Broncos, 42-10

Broncos QB John Elway was well on his way to his first Super Bowl win when things quickly went sour. The Broncos were up 10-0 by the start of the second quarter, but then the Redskins erupted for 35 points on five straight possessions and coasted thereafter. The 35 points was an NFL playoff record for most points in a period.


3. Super Bowl XXVII - 1993: Dallas Cowboys (-6.5) over Buffalo Bills, 52-17

The Bills were able to score periodically throughout the contest but they were no match for the offense and defense of "America's Team". Troy Aikman passed for four touchdowns, Michael Irvin caught six passes for 114 yards and two touchdowns, Emmitt Smith rushed for 108 yards, and the Cowboys converted nine turnovers into 35 points to crush the Bills and the -6.5 spread 52-17.


2. Super Bowl XX - 1986: Chicago Bears (-10) over New England Patriots, 46-10

Oddsmakers knew the Bears were gonna win, the Bears knew the Bears were gonna win, even the Patriots knew the Bears were gonna win - but not like this.

Behind the feared 4-6 defense the Bears tied the Super Bowl record for sacks (7) and limited the Patriots to a record-low seven rushing yards to blow the Pats out of the SB 46-10. The Bears' 36-point victory was the largest in Super Bowl history, that is, until 1990...


1. Super Bowl XXIV - San Francisco 49ers (-12) over Denver Broncos, 55-10

Oh John Elway, the hell you had to go through before you got your first Super Bowl.

No one thought Elway and the Broncos had a chance, and they were right. San Francisco scored 55 points to break the previous Super Bowl scoring mark of 46 by Chicago in Super Bowl XX. They scored five straight touchdowns to build an insurmountable lead and held the Broncos out of the endzone until mid-way through the third quarter. The 45-point victory crushed the 12-point spread and still holds as the biggest blowout in SB history.