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Elizabeth Fairview

Elizabeth Fairview

Elizabeth Fairview received her BA in English from Cal State University Long Beach. She later went on to earn her MFA in English and Writing. Fairview has been writing for marketing companies on a freelance basis for the past four years and her work has been published in numerous online and print publications. As the Gambling Beat’s official entertainment writer, Fairview can be seen on red carpets across the globe, not because she’s famous, but because she tracks down famous people and takes blurry photographs of them with her iPhone.

Writer Articles

LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James is officially engaged to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson. At his 27th birthday slash New Year's Eve party, the Miami Heat star dropped to his knee after ringing in the New Year whilst a number of teammates and close friends cheered him on. A shocked Brinson, James' highschool sweetheart, said yes. She and James have two sons together.

 // Jan 02, 2012 // 
Brock Lesnar

After taking a hard kick to the living during the first round of his comeback fight against former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Allistar Overeem, Brock Lesnar, the highest-paid fighter in the UFC, announced his retirement. 

 // Dec 31, 2011 // 
Katy Perry

The rumors are mounting that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are no longer a happily married couple, since Perry was spotted bikini basking alone in Hawaii this Christmas whist Brand was spotted out in London, both sans wedding rings!
After planning fly her family via private jet to Brand's London hometown for the holidays, Perry, instead, flew to Hawaii with her friends.

 // Dec 29, 2011 // 
Rachel Uchitel

The woman who became famous for being mistress numero uno in what became the giant Tiger Woods sex scandal, is now brewing a human. 

 // Dec 28, 2011 // 
Lady Gaga

If you ever thought working for Lady Gaga would be fun - apparently not. A former assistant is claiming that Gaga made her work under horrifying conditions - like the time she was asked her to hand her a towel after Gaga emerged from the shower. Gasp. Horror. Sweatshop.  

 // Dec 26, 2011 //